31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

Today I received this 31 day blog challenge.  For two years I’ve been saying that I’m going to blog, but haven’t managed to do it.  So, I figured that this is as good a way to get started as any, and a great way to finish off the year.

Day 1: Intro and Picture

‘Tell me about yourself.’ has always been a tough question for me to answer.  Where to begin… Like everyone else, I have a story.  And at the same time, I am not my story.

I am much better at answering specific questions about myself and later posts in this process will be much easier for me because of that.

I’m an open book and am happy to answer questions.  I’ve fallen down – A LOT!  and I’m happy to save others the trip if telling my story will help them. I’ve always appreciated when the people I admire told me about their failures.  I find it comforting to know that they have struggled too. I would like to think it builds character.  I’m also really good at laughing at myself.  I’m hilarious! Life has given me lots of material!

Here are some key elements to my life philosophy

  • We all do the best that we know how to do – Some of us have more tools than others.
  • Blame and shame only tear us down – I’ve never ever seen it inspire anyone to greatness!
  • ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ are useless concepts – It either works or it doesn’t.
  • Be gentle to everyone – including ourselves – love heals.
  • If you can’t laugh at yourself you aren’t being honest – We all do stupid silly things. Get over it!
  • Self care is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the world.  We all deserve it!

I look forward to the next 30 days of this crazy blogging journey. Will you join me and share your story?


This recent picture was taken by the incomparable Kate Singh, at Aevum Images

Laura Hall, Hall Mediation

Laura Hall, Hall Mediation

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