31 Day Blog Challenge – What I’m Most Proud of!

Day 17 – Most Proud Moment!

Pride is an odd thing. There is the pride that comes from ego – the ‘I built that’ and there is the pride that comes from Grace the – ‘I was blessed to be a part of that’. The former is a solitary experience – smaller by virtue of it going unshared.  Pride in Grace lifts us all up, it a community sharing.  Yes, I built my business, but I couldn’t have done it without my cheerleaders, my power partners, my clients, my family, my mentors…. And when I celebrate they celebrate with me and I am doubly blessed by my joy and their joy in me!

And when my clients come together to move through fear and conflict into a new life by putting the love of their children first I am proud, not because I have a special mediator super power, but because I was part of something bigger. I was blessed to be a part of an experience where the love was bigger than the hurt.

That said, my proudest moment – when I felt like I had been privy to a miracle – was when I got the call, from the couple that I donated eggs to, that they had a happy healthy little boy!

I don’t think there is any greater blessing than being part of bringing a new person into the world! And being able to give something so small and so meaningless in my life as an egg, so that someone else could experience the joy that I have in being a parent was amazing! I feel so proud and honored to have been a part of their miracle!


Peter - 10 months

My son Peter at about 10 months! He is now 18 🙂

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