31 Day Blog Challenge – What I Collect!

Day 19ish – What I Collect!

If you happen to have been paying attention, you will note that I have no Day 18. The topic for that post was why my blog has the name that it does.  Well, since it is attached to my webpage, it doesn’t have a name and I can’t see making up a reason for that. You will also note that day 19, comes several days after day 17.  I took the Christmas weekend off from anything work related!  It was lovely!  Lots of prime rib, multiple cookie recipes and relaxing – Including finally watching Game of Thrones!

So, what I collect! Giraffes! Yes, I know, seems a bit random. I’m not one of those crazy collectors, I don’t have giraffe t-shirts, spoons – oops, yes I do have giraffe spoons from Africa – suffice it to say that not every giraffe is cool enough to make the cut! I would however, pay big bucks for the teeny little giraffe in the old Comcast commercials, if that was actually a thing.  How cute would that be – A teeny little golden giraffe sitting on a pillow!  My Boston Terrier would hate the competition.

Office Giraffe

The Giraffe in my office!

Why giraffes? Because I’ve always identified with them – They are:

  • Both graceful and awkward
  • The land animal with the biggest heart
  • Curious and gentle
  • Long sighted, yet with their feet firmly on the ground
  • Messengers – warning of danger and challenging us to stretch ourselves

In one African folk tale God was speaking to His newly created animals as to their purpose on earth.  As God spoke to the giraffe, she stretched her neck to heaven to hear Him more clearly.  God was pleased and gave her a long, elegant neck so she could reach the leaves of the tallest trees, and as a sign to others that extra effort is rewarded.

I relate to the giraffe because I have a big heart and a beauty of my own – goofy, kind of awkward but graceful in its own way. I do my best to keep my feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds.  And when God speaks, I want to be sure that I’m listening 🙂



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