31 Day Blog Challenge – A Normal Day!

Day 15 – A Normal Day

This is not going to be my most interesting post.  My days are pretty routine and not very eventful!

I normal day for me starts when the alarm goes off at 7:45am.  I either hit snooze and go back to sleep for 10 minutes or I check email and Facebook on my phone before crawling out of bed.  On the days the sun is up and shining getting out of bed is no big deal, on the days it’s dark and cold there is a lot of grumbling going on.

Then it is strait to the shower!  I can’t think strait until the hot water wakes me up.  Then it is getting dressed, brushing my teeth and putting on what little makeup I wear.  One of my pet peeves is drying my hair – forgot to list that the other day – so I generally don’t, unless I have a morning appointment.  On my way out the door I throw a banana, maybe a yogurt and leftovers from dinner the night before into my bag. Then it is off to the bus at 8:40am.

I started riding the bus in May when my car was totaled and fell in love with it.  It gives me an extra 15 minutes to delay having to think.  I just relax and look out the window. The three blocks I walk to the office are through Esther Short park and I marvel every day how lucky I am to have my office downtown so close to everything.

Once I hit the office it is time to get caffeinated!  I make an extra large cup of black tea with milk and sugar, grab a bowl of nuts and eat my banana and yogurt while replying to email.  Once the email is done I sit in one of my comfy chairs, read a short spiritual passage and do a short meditation. Then it is on to whatever admin things need to be taken care of that day or coffee dates with other professionals.  My clients generally prefer afternoons, so I don’t usually have client appointments until 1 or so.

Afternoons are generally mediation sessions, court appearances or guardianship interviews. I’m working on remembering to eat lunch. I also try to sneak in a yoga session at the gym across the street.  If I’m lucky if I can manage that 3 days a week. Fall is particularly busy for me, so I’ve been leaving work about 7 but I’m really trying to figure out how to work smarter so I can get out by 6pm.

Once the bus drops me off at home I hang out with my son and make dinner.  He starts telling me about his day as soon as I walk through the door!  If it is a Monday night my daughter is over too and the three of us have dinner together. If it is just my son and I dinner is generally in front of the TV watching the Daily Show or some other light hearted show.  Then it’s time to do the dishes, plan the next night’s dinner and other household chores, maybe watch some TV.

My son heads to bed about 10. I try to be in bed by 10:30 or 11 to read, play Farm Hero Saga and take one last look at Facebook!  Then it is lights out for me by 11:30 or midnight and i do it all again the next day!


The Park

My morning walk through Esther Short Park.


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