Feeling stuck on an issue in your relationship but don’t feel like counseling is the answer? Or – Seeing a counselor but need a plan for how to live together while you do the internal work?

Mediation is all about getting you unstuck!  We help you express yourselves clearly and create practical plans for working on key issues in your relationship.  Mediation doesn’t blame. We figure out what worked and leave what didn’t work in the past.  And we create a practical plan for moving forward.

In Marital Mediation you will:

  • Move away from being ‘right’ to hear what each of you is really trying to say.
  • Learn how to communicate with each other in a new way.
  • Discover what each of you needs to feel loved and supported.
  • Separate the ‘issue’ you are struggling with from what you each need to meet your goal.
  • Create a plan for a new way of communicating and living together.

Communication is learned.  And many of our families weren’t able to teach us good skills.  But, we can all become better communicators and deepen the relationships we value the most.  Mediation is forward looking and solution based.  It is not counseling. We focus on creating a tangible plan for moving forward that honors and respects where you are right now, while creating a Road-Map for the future that you envision.

Here are a few examples of issues we mediate:

  • Different Spending Habits
  • Chores/Role Expectations
  • Job Changes/Relocation
  • In-laws
  • Boundaries
  • Parenting/Step Parenting

Sessions are  $175.00. The first session is an hour and half, subsequent sessions are $1 hour.

Call for more information or to schedule an appointment –  Call 360-524-1762 or email