Workplace Mediation

Mediation isn’t just for Crisis! 

Mediation/facilitated conversation is a tool for strengthening professional communication and investing in the business/employee relationships that you value.  Conflict happens!  There is opportunity in each stage of conflict to strengthen your business and workplace relationships through clear honest communication.

At Hall Mediation we can help you have those conversations!

Before Conflict – Start off a new business relationship or new hire with transparency and clear expectations of future behavior! We all have the best of intentions when we begin a new partnership, job, or business relationship. But how often do we end up in conflict because of an assumption or expectation that was never communicated?  A mediated/facilitated conversation at the beginning of the process can clarify expectations, set the state for ongoing communication and create a safety net for future conflict.

The Beginning of Conflict – Address conflict early! Most conflict begins as a misunderstanding or differing expectations. Clear and open communication can keep these irritants from festering and damaging the professional relationship. Show that you value the business relationship/employee/partnership by taking the time to sit down together to work through the small speed bump in your relationship before it becomes a total loss.

In The Weeds –   It isn’t too late! When we don’t deal with conflict when it first arises feelings get hurt and professional relationships get damaged.  Most of that hurt comes from the stories that we tell ourselves about the other person. When you sit down with the person you are in conflict with you get an opportunity to understand their perspective and for them to understand yours.  From that understanding, you can reach agreements which rebuild trust, strengthen communication, and preserve the business or workplace relationship.

The Exit – You may feel like the relationship is broken beyond repair but how you disengage is as important as how you begin.  An angry exit taints your reputation in the community and affects morale in the workplace. Talking about what went wrong gives each of you an opportunity to be heard and understood, determine what went wrong, and prevent future conflict. It also helps you protect your reputation by making agreements about how you will talk about each other in the community.

A mediation/facilitation will save you money and strengthen your business! 

Hiring new employees, finding new customers, building new partnerships and other business relationships cost you time and money. And reduced productivity from lost morale, damage to your reputation from negative reviews and loss of referrals and partners can be disastrous for your business.

Hall Mediation can help!

Consulting, Pre-Session Interviews, Trouble Shooting – $125.00 per hour
Session Time – $250.00 per hour.
Trip Fee – $125.00*

* We believe in meeting in a neutral location without interruptions.  If sessions are held outside of our office, a $125.00 trip fee will be charged for locations within 15 minutes of our office.  Travel time to and from locations in excess of 15 minutes from our office will be billed at $250.00 per hour.

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