Mission: To Strengthen Families by facilitating conversations focused on finding solutions that consider the needs of all participants.


We believe that the vast majority of people do the very best they know how to do. Being a spouse, a parent, a brother, a sister, a daughter, or son, employee, partner, or boss doesn’t come with instructions and many times we don’t have the communication skills to handle high conflict situations. We are afraid that speaking our truth will damage the relationship , and not communicating leaves us angry and hurt. 
Through mediation we help businesses and families have difficult conversations and work together to create agreements about how to move forward in a new way.

Laura has been a mediator for over fifteen years. She sees conflict as an indication that something isn’t working and an opportunity to fix what is broken; to create a more successful future relationship. Prior to becoming a mediator Laura was a non-profit administrator for organizations which served individuals from all over the world and from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and faiths.

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  • Mediation: Youth and Family, Divorce, Elder, Community, Foreclosure
  • Advocacy: Long Term Care Ombudsman, CASA Advocate, Youth Mentor
  • Guardian Ad LItem for the Clark County Superior Court
  • H&R Block trained Tax Professional


  • Masters of Public Administration, Portland State
  • BA: Legal Studies, University of CA, Santa Cruz
  • BA: Economics, University of CA, Santa Cruz

Additional Training:

Over 300 hours of conflict resolution, diversity and cultural competency training and she continues to train on a monthly basis.