Elder mediation allows Elders and their families to discuss sensitive subjects in a safe neutral environment.

Changing needs and roles as we age can place significant stress on our Elders and our Families. Often triggered by an event, we recognize that things have to change and don’t know how to begin the conversation.  Elders’ continued need for independence and self determination and adult children’s concerns for their parent’s safety can begin a tug of war where each family member becomes entrenched in a role that doesn’t reflect the depth of the love and support they want to offer to the relationship.

As a Mediator, I help you step out of your role of parent, child, oldest, youngest, brother, sister…. to have each of your needs and concerns heard, identify common goals and craft solutions which fit the unique needs of your particular family while maximizing your resources.

Common Topics of Discussion:

  • Residence Options
  • Family Communication
  • Medical Decisions
  • Family Member’s Roles and Responsibilities
  • Finances and Bill Paying
  • How Decisions will be made
  • Property Distribution
  • Planning for anticipated challenges ahead

Have conversations about future expectations and care decisions early! Our best decisions are made when we have time to explore our options and be thoughtful in our decision making. Families who have made agreements about how they will face the future can focus on making the most of their relationships today!

Cost: $750.00 which includes

  • A private phone orientation with each participants and our mediator, up to 4.
  • Two hour joint session working together to resolve the conflict.
  • A written agreement documenting where you have reached agreement.
  • A reduced rate of $200.00 per hour if you need additional session time.

The Cost of Family and Elder Mediation is often shared among family members. Sessions are are 2 hours long. They can be held at either the Hall Mediation Services office in downtown Vancouver or in the case of and home-bound elder, at their home.

For More Information or to Schedule and Appointment Call 360-524-1762 or email lhall@hall-mediation.com