Settlement/Spousal Maintenance

Settlement Agreement

Your settlement agreement contains all of your financial information, assets and debts, as well as agreement for spousal maintenance, if appropriate.  The standard for this agreement is that the settlement be ‘Fair and Equitable’. To determine what is fair and equitable you will each be completing a budget to share with the other and compiling a list of your assets and liabilities.

Financial Document Checklist
 This document will help you compile all of the information that you will need to discuss for your settlement agreement.

Financial Document Checklist

Spreadsheet of all of your assets and Liabilities

Property Distribution Worksheet

Spousal Maintenance

You will find the following budget template very detailed. This may feel like overkill, but it is the unanticipated expenses that ruin our financial health. An accurate detailed budget during mediation can save you from financial distress down the road.

Budget Worksheet

Thinking about your Financial Future
The following are publications from Morgan Stanley that you may find helpful.

Finances After Divorce

Weathering Divorce

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