31 Day Blog Challenge – My Favorite Children’s Book

Day 24 – Favorite Childhood Book

There is no doubt that the Princess and the Pea was my absolute favorite book as a child.  This is the actual version of the book I read. I kept it for years, but it got lost in move 🙁   Perhaps that is where my love of beds comes from.

Cover of Princes and the pea

My Favorite Version of the Princess and the Pea

From the moment I was born I had a quilt, actually several, that my Grandmother and my Great Grandmother had made for me. Being the first grandchild got me some great privileges!  From receiving blanket to my very first big girl bed I had a quilt made special just for me. My brother’s quilts were never finished.  And when I moved out of my crib I moved right into a double bed with a brand new sun bonnet sue quilt on it, you quilters will know what I mean 🙂 In fact it wasn’t until college that I had a twin bed.

And of course the quilts were magic! I grew up in a house that I was sure was haunted but I always new that as long as I was under the quilt that Grandma made for me I was safe! I used it my entire childhood – even took it to college with me.  I wore the heck out of it and it is so precious to me that I can’t even trust someone to repair it.

Princess and the Pea

My Ideal Bed!

When I was in college I had 4 twin mattresses stacked on top of each other on the floor – no frame, no box and a good half dozen pillows. My friends called it the marshmallow! And it was a popular study spot. I often had to kick friends out so that I could get some sleep.

That habit has continued. When I bought my first queen size pillow top I had to tell all of my friends.  You would have thought I won the lottery.  It is still super important to me that my bed is luxurious! I never have less than six pillows on it, the sheets have to be high thread count and the comforter has to be beautiful and high end.  When I sink into it at night I feel like a queen! No matter what has happened during the day, I am at peace!

And I continued the tradition with my own children. I busily sewed and cross stitched quilts while I was waiting for them to arrive! And they still have fancy beds! And all of those quilts are neatly packed away, along with my parent’s wedding quilt, to be passed down too my grandchildren. If there is ever a fire, the exit strategy is: get the kids, dog, pictures and quilts out of the house. Nothing else matters!



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  1. I enjoy reading your article posted above. Once the children will read, more things they will know. The more they learn, the more places they will go.

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