31 Day Blog Challenge – 20 Things About Me!

Today’s challenge is a long one – 20 things about me!  Wow, that’s a lot!

  1. I am the mother of 2 – Sarah 25 and Peter 18.  Until they were born I didn’t know I could love someone that much!
  2. I am the oldest child – My two younger brothers still don’t do what I tell them.
  3. I was born at Cherry Point Naval base – My father was a Marine during Vietnam.
  4. I grew up south of Cleveland, Ohio – My family is all from north of Pittsburgh, PA.
  5. I went to California for college – on a one way People’s Express ticket for $99.
  6. College mascot – Fighting Banana Slug – How cool is that!
  7. Favorite food – Dungeness Crab in drawn butter – Yum!
  8. Favorite food to cook for guests – Eggs Benedict – I make a mean hollandaise!
  9. Love to grow and eat food out of my garden – Hate watering it 🙁
  10. Child of divorced parents – Their ugly divorce, and my own, are why I’m passionate about cooperative divorce.
  11. I’m the owner of the cutest Boston Terrier ever! His name is Oliver and he is 8.
  12. I enjoy Latin dance – Haven’t done much lately, but love the sensuality of it.
  13. One of my hobbies is catering English style tea parties – I love the beauty and elegance of it. Don’t have much time for it these days.
  14. Being an entrepreneur has been much harder than I expected!  I’m grateful that I didn’t know how hard it would be when I started – If I had known I might have given up.
  15. My second husband died of a cocaine induced heart attack when our son Peter was 2 – He taught me about addiction, loss and compassion.
  16. I’m known for my smile and my laugh – I think that is a good thing :/
  17. I was an egg donor for a couple in California – Helping them have a child is one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done.
  18. Magic happened when I turned 40. I became Cartman – ‘$#$# you! I do what I want!’ Life is easier when lived on my own terms!
  19. My last baby leaves for college in the fall – I’m excited! and scared of being alone for the first time in my adult life.
  20. I’m enjoying this blog thing much more than I thought!

Have a lovely day!


Oliver at 8 weeks


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