Couples Communication

Back by popular demand!  Communication for Lovers!  So often in divorce mediation I see couples who are breaking up because they don’t have the communication skills that they need to get them through the tough times.  It isn’t because they don’t love each other, its because they don’t know how to cross the divide between them, and they seem to get stuck in vortex of saying the wrong things.

I have often wished that I could see them before things fall apart, so I began to offer marital mediation, as a tool for working through the conflict.  And what I realized is that most of us just weren’t taught how to communicate effectively. And we need time to practice learning new skills when things are good, so that we have experience when things get hard.  A sort of training wheels for communication. I’ve designed this class to meet that need.

Communication for Lovers 

February 20, 2016  – 8:30am to 12pm

Cost: $120 per couple (Space limited to 10 couples)

Location: Hall Mediation Services, 500 W. Eighth Street, Suite 215, Vancouver, WA 98660

For more information  call 360-524-1762 or email 

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